The Pirin Mountain are located in Southwestern Bulgaria between the deep valleys of the Struma River to the West and the Mesta River to the East. To the North they borders with the Rila Mountain and to the south with the Slavyanka Mountain. Pirin is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria with many peaks well over 2800 m. The mountain is 40 km wide and 80 km long.

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The The Thracians called it Orbelus (the snowy mountain), and later on the Slavonic tribes that invaded the Balkan Peninsula started to call it Perun (Pirin) after the name of their supreme god. The Pirin mountain is very impressive with limestone and granite aretes, sharp pointed pyramidal peaks, deep corries and beautiful glacial lakes. The steep slopes of the mountain are covered by dense forests of white and black fir, spruce, white and black pine, and dwarf pine. Herds of chamois wander in the most secluded areas. The foothills of the mountain abound with hot mineral springs, orchards and vineyards.

  • Vihren -  2914 m
  • Kutelo -  2908 
  • Banski Suhodol - 2884 m
  • Goliam Polezan - 2851 m
  • Kamenitza - 2822 m
  • Malak Polezan - 2822 m
  • Baiovi Dupki - 2820 m
  • Ialovarnika - 2763 м
  • Gazei - 2761 m
  • Kaimakchal - 2753 m
  • Todorka - 2746 m