Splendid Rila

Days 7  Average data per day: Distance 12 km/day   Ascent 900 m/day   Descent 900 m/day

This magnificent trail into the heart of the mountain is reach of panorama variety. It leads you through the highest part of the Rila that is made up of rocky peaks and ridges, deep valleys, high mountain pastures and meadows. In one week you will hike along the most distinguished areas of the Rila: the highest peak of the mountain- the peak of Musala, the beautiful pyramidal peak of Malyovitsa, and many terraced cirques with their numerous shimmering lakes as the Seven Rila Lakes.  

What to expect:

Seven-day hut to hut hike in the most beautiful areas of Rila Mountain;
To be leaded by experienced guide (if guided option is chosen);
Easy orienting (for the self-guided option);
To spend the nights at warm and cozy high mountain huts;
Breakfast and dinner provided by the hut-keepers;

Trip Highlights
  • A climb to the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula, Musala peak;
  • A walk and two nights at the area of the famous Seven Rila Lakes;
  • Impressive views from the peaks along the main ridges;
Trek Suitability
For those who want to join, should be:
  • Fit and active traveller as it is a challenging walk. The most parts of the trail are over rocky terrain that makes the hike more demanding. There are big ascends and descends, big distances as well. The toughest part is the climbing up to the peak of Malyovitsa and the long-distance hike between the hut Ribni Lakes and Malyovitsa. 
  • Ready to spend 6 nights in mountain huts. Each night the accommodation is in a different place so it is important to pack light.
  • Walk 7 days (4-8 hours) up to 18 km each day. The hike to the area of Malyovitsa is over a stony ground and will take 8 hours.

Difficulty: It is a trail for advanced hikers. The length of the walk requires good shape and excellent head for heights. You should be ready to overcome every day 900 m ascending and 900 m descending on average, some of the distances are long, 16-18 km. The huts are well-maintained; the hut-keepers offer food and beverages. The huts are frequently visited, so you need to book the beds in advance. Please, have in mind that the conditions are basic: the beds are in common rooms and not every hut offers hot shower. 


  • To the starting point: There is a regular bus line that connects the capital Sofia with the town of Samokov. From it there are regular buses that go to the resort of Borovets.
  • From the finishing point: The village of Sapareva Banya is served by a bus line to the town of Doupnitsa that is connected with the capital Sofia by buses and train.

Security: The trail is totally secure. The most part of the trail is along well maintained hiking trails. Nevertheless, we recommend using a navigation application on the mobile phone or a real GPS device. The area is served by the mountain rescue teams.  

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Prices per person for 7 days / 6 nights:

239 EUR per person /self guided trail

What is included in the price:


Accommodation in the huts
Detailed Itinerary
GPS Track of your trail
Time tables of public transport
Taxi companies contacts 
Phone and e-mail assistance
English speaking guide
Luggage transfer 
Meals and drinks
Travel insurance
Travel to and from Bulgaria


In Brief
Hut to hut tour
Sapareva Banyavillage
June - October
Min 1 / Max 20
Common/private rooms
Yes/No - guided/self guided
Yes, against payment
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The Prices Start From 239 EUR*
* per person in self-guided option.

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Start of the trip

Borovets Resort - Musala hut

The walk from the resort of Borovets to the hut Musala is a gentle ascent along the Musalenska Bistritsa River. It goes through coniferous forest that transforms to dwarf pine. The path is a wide track that is used as a ski road during the winter. 



Musala hut - Granchar hut
Musala - Granchar

The path to the peak of Musala sets off south. It is a non-technical ascent of the peak along the Seven Musala Lakes. At the highest lake, Ledenoto (2720m), there is a small refuge that offers shelter, drinks and meals. Not surprisingly the peak offers fine views in every direction. Continuing down in southern direction the path passes several ups and downs, before the saddle Dzhanka (2338m). From this place a short drop leads you to the Granchar Lake and the hut Granchar, beautifully settled close to the Lake. 

Granchar hut - Ribni ezera hut
Granchar - Ribni ezera

It is a long open-air hike through the high lands of the mountain. The first peak along the hike is the peak of Kovach (Nalbant) (2634m), from which you can see the group of Yakorudski lakes settled down in the circus. After the peak of Kovach, approximately 1.6 km, the path makes a big turn to the west to reach the saddle Gorni kuki (2424m). The next impressive peak is the Kanarata peak (2691m). From here, there are two possible ways to reach the hut Ribni Lakes. More interesting is the left one that passes through Mermerski preslap (2531m), where someone can see the interesting rock formation called Zabtsite (Teeth). The other option passes by the saddle Kanarski preslap (2460m) and continuing down, leads to the hut.

Ribni ezera hut - Malyovitsa hut
Ribni ezera - Malyovitsa

This is a very popular route that connects eastern and western Rila. It gives the opportunity to feel the wild majesty of the mountain. But it should be noted that it is quite long (18 km) and the total ascents and descents are significant (1150m and 1400m respectively). The terrain is mostly soil, but in the area of Malyovitsa it is stony. In the last part of the path it is necessary to walk on large stones. The two big points that should be crossed are the peak of Vodniya Chal (2683m) and the saddle Popovokapski Preval (2540m). Between them is the important crossroad Kobilino Branishte (2150m) where a small cabin is settled. At the area of Malyovitsa the path crosses the most alpine part of Rila. Beautiful lakes enrich the panorama. There is a second shelter along the trail, the Scary Lake shelter, located prettily on the shore of the lake.


Malyovitsa hut- Ivan Vazon hut
Malyovitsa - Ivan Vazov

The first part of the trail leads to the peak of Malyovitsa (2720 m), perhaps the most beautiful peak of the mountain and a symbol of Bulgarian mountaineering, but accessible to tourists. The Rila Monastery can be seen from this high point on the saddle of the Malyovitsa ridge. A small detour should be made to the very top of Malyovitsa. After Malyovitsa peak, the trail skirts the circus of the Urdini Lakes, one of the most beautiful groups of lakes in Rila. At the point of Razdela (2607m), a very important junction, the path turns west and leads down to the Vazov hut.

Ivan Vazov hut - Skakavitsa hut
Ivan Vazov - Skakavitsa

During the day this splendid trail winds down along the Seven Rila Lakes. They are group of glacial lakes scattered around the steps in a huge rocky “amphitheatre” and surrounded by cragged peaks and sheer flanks of majestic ridges.
The first destination up is the ridge of Otovitsa. As the ridge surrounds the group of the Seven Rila Lakes it is a nice point for observation of the area. The second destination is the area of the Lakes itself. There are several possible options for walks there, more winding or more direct. After the area of the Lakes the path leads down to the hut Skakavitsa.




End of the trip
Skakavitsa hut - Sapareva Banya Village

The path to the village of Sapareva Banya passes through a beautiful enchanted forest. It descends steeply to the area of Zeleni Preslap, then through the resort of Panichishte, where there is a visitor centre with information about Rila Mountain. From Panichishte to the village, the path descends through a mixed forest. The village of Sapareva Banya itself is famous for its hot mineral water.

How the “Self-guided trip” option works:

If you prefer to explore the mountain at your own pace, than chose the option “Self-guided trip”. In this case we will provide you a package of materials, including a written hike description together with a customized travel itinerary, GPS tracks of your trail and local information. In order to make your independent hiking tour a success we will do all of the necessary arrangements. That is why the accommodations in the package are prepaid.


The prices start from 239 EUR*

* per person in self-guided option.

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