Peeshti Skali And Sokolna Reserves

Days 3  Distance 40 km   Ascent 3030 m   Descent 3160 m

This trail examines the eastern part of the Balkan National Park. It has a lot to offer to the nature-lovers as it encompasses some of the most spectacular and craggy landscape of the whole park. In addition it goes through two natural reserves- the Peeshtite Skali (Singing Rocks) and Sokolna. They are two of the nine nature reserves in the boundaries of the park, designated to preserve unique plant and animal species in Bulgaria. These reserves are very intriguing with their strange rocky outcrops that are full of wildlife. The trail also includes part of the E3, the international long-distance walking route. 

What to expect:

Three-day hut to hut hike crossing the main ridge of the Balkan Mountains;
To be leaded by experienced guide (if guided option is chosen);
Easy orienting (for the self-guided option);
To spend the nights at warm and cozy huts;
Breakfast and dinner provided by the hut-keepers;

Trip Highlights
  • A walk through the heart of the Central Balkan National Park;
  • A rise to the peak of Rusalka that offers spectacular views;
  • Real wilderness, well balanced with high-quality tourism facilities;
  • A walk through the rocky outcrops of the Singing rocks Natural Reserve;
  • A walk through the Sokolna Natural Reserve;
  • Variety of landscapes: forests, pastures and rock outcrops.
Trek Suitability
For those who want to join, should be:
  • Fit and active traveller as it is a challenging walk. The hikes are long and involve prolong ascend or descend.
  • Ready to spend 2 nights in mountain huts. Each night the accommodation is in a different place so it is important to pack light.
  • Walk 3 days (5-9 hours) up to 19 km each day. 

Difficulty: The trail involves some of the most tiresome and prolonged walks in the mountains. Due to this fact, the perfect shape and experience are obligatory.

Accommodation: The huts are well-maintained; the hut-keepers offer food and beverages. The huts are frequently visited, so you need to book the beds in advance. Despite the fact that the conditions are basic, the most of the huts offer hot shower.


  • To the starting point: The town of Apriltsi is connected by buses with the capital city Sofia. 
  • From the finishing point: The village of Gabarevo is a train station on the train line that connects the capital Sofia with the city of Bourgas, which is located on the Black Sea coast.

Security: The trail is totally secure. The most part of the trail is along well maintained hiking trails.  Nevertheless, we recommend using a navigation application on the mobile phone or a real GPS device as from time to time the region can experience foggy conditions. The area is served by the mountain rescue teams.  

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Prices per person for 3 days / 2 nights:

99 EUR per person /self guided trail

What is included in the price:


Accommodation in the huts
Detailed Itinerary
GPS Track of your trail
Time tables of public transport
Taxi companies contacts 
Phone and e-mail assistance
English speaking guide
Luggage transfer 
Meals and drinks
Travel insurance
Travel to and from Bulgaria


In Brief
Hut to hut tour
Apriltsi town
Gabarevo village
June - October
Min 1 / Max 20
Common/private rooms
Yes/No - guided/self guided
Yes, against payment
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The Prices Start From 99 EUR*
* per person in self-guided option.

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Start of the trip

Apriltsi town - Tazha hut

Walk from the Apriltsi town to the hut Tazha. The path starts off from Ostrets, a neighbourhood of the town of Apriltsi. It climbs up the beautiful rocky peak of Rusalka. The attraction of the path is on the views towards the vertical northern slopes below Botev Peak and the main spine of the Balkan. The rest is a pleasant descend to the hut Tazha.



Tazha hut - Mazalat hut
Tazha hut - Mazalat hut

Walk from the hut Tazha to the hut Mazalat. This section of the trail follows the main ridge of the mountain. The first part is a pleasant walk through grassy meadows, while the second part leads trough the Peeshtite Skali Reserve. They are a complex of not so high cliffs with sheer vertical southern flanks above the deep valley of the river Gabrovnitsa. On them are perched many rocky outcrops with different shapes that tourists like to compare with animal or human figures. Next comes a rocky wreath of several pyramidal peaks just before the beautiful glade in front of the hut Mazalat. North of the shelter is situates the Severen Dzhendem Reserve.



End of the trip
Mazalat hut - Gabarevo village

Walk from the hut Mazalat to the village of Gabarevo. One fantastic option to walk to the area of the Sokolna reserve is along the side ridge Tankata Ratlina. It offers unforgettable views towards the mighty Triglav massive, a sequence of three summits with height over 2000m. The next part is trough the Sokolna Reserve, which is one of the natural gardens of Bulgaria, a refuge for a lot of rare and endangered plants and animals. The scenery is dramatic: craggy rocks above the gorge of the river Kuru Dere, but the path is steadily cut into them and is a perfect observation platform. Eventually you reach the village of Gabarevo. 

How the “Self-guided trip” option works:

If you prefer to explore the mountain at your own pace, than chose the option “Self-guided trip”. In this case we will provide you a package of materials, including a written hike description together with a customized travel itinerary, GPS tracks of your trail and local information. In order to make your independent hiking tour a success we will do all of the necessary arrangements. That is why the accommodations in the package are prepaid.


The prices start from 99 EUR*

* per person in self-guided option.

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