Rhodopes Raw Beauty

 Days 5    Distance 74 km    Ascent 4370 m   Descent 4370 m  Difficulty level 3/5 

This representative multi-day walk at the Western Rhodopes examines the most attractive region at the highest part of the mountain. It shows everything that persuades tourists to come back: ancient forests, broad ridges, impressive gorges and caves, beautiful rivers. Part of its charm is that it provides not only tranquil walk among a preserved and pristine nature, but also hospitality of the local people. They are hearty people and prepare delicious food in their guest-houses. The trail traverses ancient roads, authentic villages, chapels and mosques, and old bridges as well.

What to expect:

Five-day hut to hut hike through ancient forests, broad ridges, impressive gorges and beautiful rivers;
To be leaded by experienced guide (if guided option is chosen);
To spend the nights at warm and cozy huts and guest-houses;
Breakfast and dinner provided by the hut-keepers;

Trip Highlights
  • A walk to the village Yagodina along the eco-path “Devils’s path”;
  • A visit to Yagodina cave and the Eagle’s eye (Orlovo Oko) Platform;
  • A walk that passes by small mountain villages as Borino, Yagodina, Trigrad and Mugla;
  • A panoramic and open-air walk along the ridge Mursalitsa with fantastic views to the nearby valleys and ridges.
Trek Suitability
For those who want to join, should be:
  • Fit and active traveller. Most of the trail's distances are big that makes the hike more challenging.
  • Ready to spend 4 nights in mountain huts or guest-houses. Each night the accommodation is in a different hut/house so it is important to pack light. 
  • Walk 5 days (5-7 hours) up to 18 km each day.

Difficulty: Despite the fact that the terrain is mild, the distances are big. Except some parts, there are no steep passages, but it could accumulate ascend and descend on daily base. The biggest part of the trail is a pleasant walk. The most difficult part is along the eco-trail "Devil’s path", as some of the wooden steps are very exposed and walking on them requires a lot of attention, but none of them requires special equipment.

Accommodation: The huts are comparatively remote and far from the tourist crowds, but in the high season they could be visited by local people. That’s why it is advisable to book a place in them. In the village of Yagodina there are guest-houses and a hotel. On the event of a national holyday it is possible to be fully occupied and booking of places is a must. Please, have in mind that the huts are high mountain huts and the conditions are basic: beds in common rooms in some huts, no hot shower in each hut and shared WC.

Transport: To the starting/finishing point: The town of the Devin is connected by buses with the capital city Sofia, Plovdiv and Smolyan.

Security: The trail is totally secure. All parts of it are marked, but at some sections it is possible to miss. Also it crosses many dirt roads and shepherd’s paths that makes the navigation challenging. It is advisable to use some kind of GPS device. The area is served by the mountain rescue teams.  

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Prices per person for 5 days / 4 nights:

149 EUR per person /self guided trail

What Is Included In The Price:


Accommodation in the huts
Detailed Itinerary
GPS Track of your trail
Time tables of public transport
Taxi companies contacts 
Phone and e-mail assistance
English speaking guide
Luggage transfer 
Meals and drinks
Travel insurance
Travel to and from Bulgaria


In Brief
Self Guided Tour
Devin town
Devin town
June - October
Min 1 / Max 20
Common rooms
Yes/No - guided/self guided
Yes, against payment
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The Prices Start From 149 EUR*
* per person in self-guided option.

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Start of the trip

Devin - Orfey hut

Walk from the Devin town to the hut Orfey though the Kastrakli Reserve. The reserve is designated to protect an ancient forest. The town of Devin is famous with his hot mineral springs and offers itself high quality relaxation.



Ofrey - Yagodina
Orfey hut - Yagodina Village

Walk from the hut Orfey to the Yagodina village. It passes through the village of Borino and the eco-path named Devils’s path along the river Chitak dere. The main attraction is the nature formation Dyavolski most (Devil’s bridge) and it is supported by many wooden steps and bridges that made it passable. Along the path could be observed many rocky outcrops, waterfalls and limestone niches habituated by birds. Once in the village Yagodina there are other points of interest as the Yagodina cave and the Orlovo Oko platform - panoramic viewpoint near the peak of Sveti  (St.) Ilia.

Yagodina - Chairski lakes
Yagodina - Chairski Lakes Hut

Walk from the village of Yagodina to the Chairski lakes hut. The walk passes by the village of Trigrad close to the cave Dyavolsko Garlo and the Haramiyska cave. After the village it continues through beautiful meadows and pine forests to the area of Chairski Lakes. The area is arguably the most beautiful in the mountains. It is surrounded by a wreath of green hills and during the summer the air is full of scents of grass and herbs.

Chairski lakes - Lednitsata
Chairski Lakes - Lednitsata

Walk from the hut Chairski Lakes to the hut Lednitsata. This path is a pleasant walk through grassy pastures and forests. In the middle of the walk is the village of Mugla, small mountain settlement, surrounded by high rocky walls of the river Tenes Dere. 



End of the trip
Lednitsata - Nastan

Walk from the hut Lednitsata to Nastan, a neighbourhood of the town of Devin. The path follows the ridge Mursalitsa which starts from the highest peak of the Rhodopes Mountains- Golyam Perelik (2191m). It is a panoramic and open-air walk which offers fantastic views to the nearby valleys and ridges.

How the “Self-guided trip” option works:

If you prefer to explore the mountain at your own pace, than chose the option “Self-guided trip”. In this case we will provide you a package of materials, including a written hike description together with a customized travel itinerary, GPS tracks of your trail and local information. In order to make your independent hiking tour a success we will do all of the necessary arrangements. That is why the accommodations in the package are prepaid.


The prices start from 149 EUR*

* per person in self-guided option.

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